Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tune in tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night I'm going to be Cat Johnson's guest on What's Hot in Romance and I'm already scared sh*tless. Cat's a wonderful interviewer. I listen to the show all the time. So why am I so freaked out? Who knows. Stuff like this always turns my stomach and makes my knees knock together. I so admire performers. I could never get up on a stage on a regular basis in front of people and act or sing. (Partially because I can neither act nor sing, LOL). 

I find that it does help tremendously when there are people that I know in the audience. It seems to create an illusion of intimacy. So if any of you are able to listen in, open the chat application on blogtalkradio, wave, and let me know that you're there. I might not be able to wave back at the time, because I'll be busy listening to Cat, trying to sound um...not completely boring, and breathing into a paper bag so that I don't hyperventilate. Okay - the last part is an exaggeration. I've yet to hyperventilate. 

Here's the link. Time is 6:30 EST.

Now, I'm off to the airport! I'll be arriving this evening in Tampa and will be driving down to Orlando on Wednesday for the Romantic Times Booklover convention. Wednesday night I'll be signing at their eBook Expo, which is open to the public and Saturday I'll be signing at the BookFair (also open to the public). So if you're in the Orlando area. Please stop by and say hello!


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