Monday, September 21, 2009

The older I get, the longer that road to recovery takes
I went in for some planned abdominal surgery about a week ago. The doctor told me that it would probably be about three weeks until I'd be fully back on my feet. I figured I'd be back to writing in a couple days. Boy was I wrong. Thankfully there were no complications and things went well. But there is no denying that I'm not bouncing back as quickly as I would like to.

I have managed to catch up with my emails from the past week and I have managed to start on a short story that's due in to Samhain next Wednesday. But it's all slow-going. Reading, which is normally a favorite pass-time isn't even holding my interest.

On the bright side, I've discovered Dexter. I should probably say I made time for Dexter. I binged on the first season and I'm seriously considering ordering Showtime so that I can watch season 2 now On-Demand. I may have to check Netflix. Also in the good news arena - Forbidden: The Temptation has officially been released and is available on sale this week at My BookStore and More.


There’s a fine line between mysticism and madness…one they must cross to win.

Forbidden, Book 1

London psychiatrist Wesley Atherton is a man of science. He doesn’t believe in love at first sight…until he finds himself inexplicably drawn to a green-eyed American beauty he bumps into on the Tube. Just his luck, Katherine, a fashion design intern, has an engagement ring on her finger.

Wes knows a thing or two about people, though. Instinct tells him there’s something more than irresistible temptation behind their attraction. She doesn’t love her fiancĂ©, he’s sure of it—now if only he can convince her they’re meant to be together.

Surviving a deadly train wreck is the first sign his intuition is spot on. The second—a psychic who warns them the Reaper doesn’t like to be cheated out of its quarry. The situation defies all logic, but a string of strange and lethal events convinces Wes that he and Katherine are living on borrowed time. Pitted in a battle against death itself, Wes will do anything, make any sacrifice, to protect the woman he loves.

This book has been substantially revised and expanded from its original published version.

Product Warnings
This book contains one bad-ass demon, spectacular shagging, a feisty American heroine, and one very hot, very British, knife-wielding shrink.

Friday, September 04, 2009

September Give-away!

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Samantha Sommersby is giving away a signed copy of Bad Moon Rising, book 14 in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series!

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