Monday, April 27, 2009

RT 2009 Con Report

Well - RT is officially over. I'm now recuperating in Tampa with friends. As always, it was a whirlwind. Too much wine and food and not enough sleep.

The eBook Expo went off without a hitch and the Saturday Bookfair was a blast (note truly terrible picture of me at the booksigning). I was able to connect with readers at both events. That's actually one of my very favorite things about the entire RT experience. That, and the chance to connect with authors friends - both old and new. And Booksellers - mustn't forget them!

This year I had a special bookseller gift made and it was a big hit. There were a few left over that I put out at the signing - so you can see them in the pic above - red bubble bath with a Forbidden style label. Instead of "Bubble Bath" I called it "Blood Bath". I also had Forbidden chocolate bars, buttons, bookmarks, and book plates. The promo I had the hardest time parting with? The little vampire plush that I placed in a basket along with copies of each of the books in my series. It was a numbered edition of the Vamp Angel puppet from the Smile Time episode. He was SO CUTE! Here's a picture of him along with the Anne Rice T-shirt (from the 1996 RT - the year Servant of the Bones was released) a bookseller received in her "special bag" and kindly passed on to me (Yippee!).

In other news...a new interview posted while I was gone. This one is by Netta Ferguson, the San Diego Erotica Books Examiner!



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