Friday, June 12, 2009

Comic-Con News!

I've received an invite to sit on a panel this summer at Comic-Con that I'm very excited about. If you live in the San Diego area or will be coming to the area for the event - mark the date on your calendar! I'd love to see you. Here's the info. There will be a book signing following the panel. More details will come as I hear them.

Saturday, July 253:00-4:00                   
 Monster Mash                                               Room 2Panelists: 

Amber Benson (DEATH'S DAUGHTER); Alice Henderson (VORACIOUS), Walter Greatshell (XOMBIES: APOCALYPSE BLUES), S.G. Browne (BREATHERS); Marlene Perez (DEAD IS SO LAST YEAR); Rob Thurman (DEATHWISH); and Samantha Sommersby (FORBIDDEN: THE TEMPTATION).

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