Saturday, June 13, 2009

The best vacation EVER!! Napa - here I come!

I just printed up the boarding passes for a little mini vacation that hubby and I are taking. It's been a long while since the two of us have some away on a trip that didn't involve some business. I always enjoy myself at cons, signings, and events - but this time away with him is something I've really been looking forward to. We're heading early tomorrow morning to go to Napa for a wine tasting trip. The best part is that someone set the entire thing up for us - from telling us what flight to take to where we'll eat every meal. I've been really pre-occupied with deadlines, so I'm happily putting our fate in the hands of Chris and his wife Mary - from the Wine Vault & Bistro here in San Diego (winevaultbistro [dot] com). We buy a great deal of our wine from him and he's never steered us wrong. He's also bringing his chefs along, so I know that we'll be eating like Kings and Queens. This is really a dream vacation for me. Who knows - maybe it will inspire a book set in the wine country? I'm hoping to send in reports along the stay tuned for some terrific wine recommendations. Here's a glimpse at the itinerary. 

14 June 2009 (Sunday)
10:30 AM         Arrive Oakland Airport 
11:00 AM         Champagne & Bloody Mary brunch
12:30 PM         Andrew Geoffrey 3-year vertical tasting with Peter Thompson at the base of Diamond Mountain
01:15 PM         Champagne tasting & cave tour at Schramsberg in Napa
04:15 PM         Reserve Pinot tasting, light lunch and garden tour at Lynmar in Russian River
06:15 PM         Vineyard trek at Michele-Schlumberger Winery in Sonoma
07:45 PM         Dinner at Michele-Schlumberger Winery prepared by our chefs Bobby and KC
10:45 PM         Check into Hotel
15 June 2009 (Monday)
08:30 AM         Breakfast at Hotel
09:30 AM         Leave Hotel 
10:30 AM         Tour and tasting at Palmaz Vineyards Winery in Napa
12:30 PM         Lunch, tasting and vineyard trek at Reynolds Family Winery in Napa
03:00 PM         Caves-under-construction tour and tasting atop Soda Canyon Road in Napa
05:30 PM         Tasting and garden trek at Rudd Winery in Napa
06:45 PM         Dinner underground in the caves at Rudd Winery prepared by our chefs Bobby and KC
10:45 PM         Check into Hotel 
16 June 2009 (Tuesday)
08:30 AM         Breakfast at Hotel 
09:30 AM         Leave Hotel 
10:00 AM         Pinot blending at Siduri Winery in Santa Rosa
12:00 Noon      Sausage making party, tour, tasting and lunch at Seghesio Winery in Sonoma
03:00 PM         Rockpile vineyard trek and tasting with Clay Mauritson
06:30 PM         Back to Hotel to clean up
07:30 PM         Dinner in the Carriage House & Gardens at Hotel prepared by Dry Creek Kitchen
17 June 2009 (Wednesday)
08:30 AM         Breakfast at Hotel
09:30 AM         Check out of Hotel 
11:00 AM         Tasting and vineyard tour at Saracina Winery in Hopland
12:30 PM         Lunch, tasting and vineyard tour at Ceago Winery in Lake County
03:30 PM         Leave Ceago for the Airport


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