Friday, March 20, 2009

Talk about something totally amazing!

My husband and I went to an art show the other night. We both fell in love with an incredible pair of paintings created by Mollie Kellogg, featuring Hades and Persephone. The paintings were inspired, of course, by the infamous Greek Gods and their story. But the artists interpretation was also inspired by the following poem "For Persephone" which was written by T. Collins Logan

I thought I'd share a small thumbnail of the images (which doesn't come close to doing them justice) and the poem. They are being delivered Sunday and we're going to have to make some lighting adjustments before we hang them, but I'm excited none-the-less. 

Some weird and wonderful coincidences (which you know I love):
* The artist did a series that inspired by vision for Luna, the succubus in the Forbidden series. 
* My son just spent the last month studying the Greek Gods in his English class.
* We found out after purchasing the paintings about the poem by T. Collins Logan and it's significance. I know Mr. Logan. Although I knew of his love of mysticism, I didn't know he wrote poetry. He's also our handyman and I count both he and Mollie as friends.
* The shades of red and gold in the painting exactly matches the pallet of colors in the room we plan to hang them in. 

For Persephone
By T. Collins Logan

You might think
that having walked across the eons
without your hand in mine
I could wait just one more day
to see you
and that the promise of tomorrow
and tomorrow, and tomorrow
is enough
and that in this deep winter of my heart
in these still hours
where my soul stays warm
by fickering light of memory
I know you are there
just beyond the borders of my realm
thinking of me
yearning for me
even as you tend your verdant, crowded garden
and I would not add my sorrow
to your own
but this alone I feel
has a different heft than solitude
and as this page is my companion
and these syllables my counselors and friends
I grieve the distance
between your breath and mine
in streaming words
like a slow, persistent warmth of tears
against my cheek
where the cherished promise of winter's end
becomes a trick of jealous gods
who live forever without knowing pain
and however great my power
to shape the comforts of my world
it is your voice, your scent, your smile
your nearness
which ignites from this grim dust
a flame so fierce it dims the sky
lifts up a sacred offering
that love and hope and joy will grow
with soaring possibility
and yet, I know,
that others thrive in the season of my loss
and long untended fields are carefully sown
and fences for a horde of untamed beasts
are mended
and children laugh and play
without a thought
for the weight of shadows
on our parted time
so I will rest in a truth made clear:
it is you, it is you, it is you
that wherever you are
there is life
and love
and light
and I shall steel myself to wait
for night to pass
for the moon to boldly trace her path
and for the slow turning of the seasons
to bring you close to me
once more.

I just love it when things come magic!



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