Saturday, February 06, 2010

28 Days of Heart #6 - A Fair Trade

Read hot romance AND support charity to boot!

This is one of the 28 Days of Heart stories being released through All Romance Ebooks during the month of February. All profits generated from sales of these titles will be donated to the American Heart Association to help combat the number one killer of women.

Only $1.99

The finest treasures aren't always gold…

Sometimes you find magic in the most unexpected places. That's what Cotton Myer discovers when a pair of ravens tries to steal his belt buckle and spurs. When the birds turn into men before his very eyes, he knows his little watering hole in the desert is no ordinary pool.

Kaya and Kasa have been collecting treasures a long time, but Cotton is the finest one they've ever seen.

Can they learn to trust enough to keep him?

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