Wednesday, February 03, 2010

28 Days of Heart #3 - Zero-G

Read hot romance AND support charity to boot!

This is one of the 28 Days of Heart stories being released through All Romance Ebooks during the month of February. All profits generated from sales of these titles will be donated to the American Heart Association to help combat the number one killer of women.

Only $3.50

Their love was out of this world...

Maggie Gates was madly in love with shy Will Hudson in high school, but he never made his move.

Two decades later, they’re trapped on a lunar space station for eleven days. A relationship between the two should be off limits, but that isn’t stopping Will from setting his sights on Maggie for conquest in the cosmos. 

The shy boy she knew is gone, and this man possesses the will to storm her gates. Now he has the Moon and stars on his side

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Anonymous said...

The girl on the cover looks a lot like the 2nd runner up on last season of Hell's Kitchen...Not sure if anyone else watches that show or knows who I'm talking about but I just had to share. :P