Wednesday, February 24, 2010

28 Days of Heart #24 - Angels & Genies

Read hot romance AND support charity to boot!

This is one of the 28 Days of Heart stories being released through All Romance Ebooks during the month of February. All profits generated from sales of these titles will be donated to the American Heart Association to help combat the number one killer of women.

Only $2.99

Between heaven and earth lies temptation

Contractor Match Ramsey has 36 hours to find the portal between the earthly realm and Jinnistan, the land of the jinn from which he comes. He is a genie warrior charged with protecting humans from the trespass of the demon jinni, Iblis. Somewhere beneath his cliffside property lays the doorway. His focus is diverted by the entrancing and determined Angeline Delaire, a sexy realtor who has been directed to buy the property from him at any price.

Angeline is a woman with a fiery temper and independent spirit. She is conflicted by the directive of her client, Mateus Ring, a handsome tycoon who has infiltrated her dreams. Yet, it is Match who inflames Angeline.

She soon realizes that the lustful yearnings ripping through her body come from an evil source. She will have to find clarity between her desire for Match and the overwhelming craving for Mateus. One will redeem her, but the other could destroy her.

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