Friday, May 22, 2009

I've literally been in bed all week. Waaah!

Last saturday I want to my monthly RWA meeting. It was superb. Debra Dixon spoke and I picked up a copy of her GMC (Goal Motivation and Conflict) book. Fantastic. If you're a writer I recommend it. 

I knew something was wrong when Deb stopped to ask if everyone else was hot and the crowd all nodded. I was freezing. By the time I made it home that afternoon I was well on my way to being sick. 

My husband (who never gets sick) had the flu a few months ago and missed almost a week of work. Last week my son got it and was out of school for the week. Not the H1N1 - just the regular old flu. Now it's my turn. I'm so bored I feel like I'm about to lose my mind. 

So what do you do when you don't feel well enough to do much of anything? For the first couple days I watched movies. One day I decided to read. I picked up "To Beguile A Beast" by Elizabeth Hoyt and blew through it. I hadn't read a historical in probably close to a decade. It took me back to summers in high school when I would sit on Hampton Beach and read one boddice-ripper after another. 

Then I starting tackling edits (between naps) for an upcoming release - Under Fire. Coincidentally, it's a historical. WWI, set in Arabia. The original manuscript was written years ago and was once published under an alternate title. Honestly, in giving it a fresh read, I think it needs a lot of work. 

I've put aside The Summoning for now since my submission deadline for it is open ended and Red Rose has been exceedingly patient with me while I finished work on The Sacrifice. They are indulging my desire to do some major rewrites on Under Fire so I'm making that my primary focus for the next few weeks. I hope to have a more polished version into my editor there soon. 

Once that's turned in, I'll go back to working on the Forbidden Series. I also need to figure out what to do with three short stories that I have. I'm trying to decide if I should submit them someplace, or release them as free reads. Guess I'll tackle that question another day. For's time to nap. 


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