Sunday, January 31, 2010

50% off all my books today and new contest!

Big HUGE news! You can get 50% off all of my titles today over at allromance [dot] com or omnilit [dot] com. Even better? They are giving 50% off all of the titles in their store with a special code you can get from smartbitchestrashybooks [dot] com. But it's TODAY only.

In other news...

In honor of the series release, I’m running a contest!

Enter the Your Heart’s Desire Contest

1. Post a list someplace on the web of the four titles from the series you’d most like to have. Facebook, myspace, twitter, your own blog, one belonging to a friend, this one…all fair game.

2. Using the contact page on my website samanthasommersby [dot] com, email me the URL where I can find your post and your email address

What’s the Fabulous Prize?

At the end of the month I will fulfill the wishes of seven winners for a total of 28 books. Winners will be contacted prior to fulfillment just in case their top four selections has changed.

Why seven winners, four books each? Because I really want to encourage everyone to support this endeavor. With 28 titles to choose from in so many sub-genres, and for a super reasonable price ($1.99-$3.50) you’re sure to find some others that you can’t live without. Right?


Anonymous said...

Sent you the link to my list. :)

Andrea I said...

I'm posting my list here:

Hold Onto The Night
Protecting Miss Samuels
Liberating Lucius

I've already purchased four of the others.